​​What Can You Expect As My Client?

​​Result-focussed Executive Coaching with decades of experience and finely tuned coaching skills.

  • ​I bring my empathy, creativity, intuition and humour to the table. Together we will build a bespoke path to your goal.
  • I support my clients to become their authentic, best and most productive selves by analyzing the situation and visualizing the progress and outcome.
  • In individual conversations with traditional and progressive coaching methods  I help my clients to unlock their potential for growth.
  • ​I believe that everyone has their unique and valuable skills, resources and characteristics that can be used to reach success.
  • I comply with the Ethics Code of the International Coaching Federation ICF

​I will support you with these topics

  • Career planning
  • ​Fulfilment and success
  • Change management
  • ​Leadership and communication
  • Managing upwards
  • Resolving conflict
  • Self-confidence and self-image
  • Resilience and serenity
  • ​Work-life-balance
  • ​Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

​​My Offers

​Free Chemistry Meeting
​Six Months Executive Coaching Package

​This package ensures that the client has a solid and consistent path to reach their goals. 
It takes some time and effort to evoke change. A “quick fix” is not something I believe in.


  • ​Chemistry meeting (30 minutes).
  • 6 monthly sessions (90 minutes).
  • 2 ad hoc sessions to be scheduled during the 6 month's period as client needs them (60 minutes).
  • Consistency check session 6 weeks after the coaching (60 minutes).
​Directions Package

​​This package gives a perspective on the client´s current situation and looks at options for the future.


  • ​Chemistry meeting (30 minutes).
  • Two sessions (60 minutes).
​Individual session of 60 or 90 Minutes